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The 5 Tool Show: Mike Jacobs, Carlos Zambrano, AROD & More

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

This week on The 5 Tool Show Tanya Mercado and I discuss former Met Mike Jacobs suspension for the use of performance enhancing drugs, why the Cubs have not released Carlos Zambrano, AROD’s return to the Yankees and much more. … Continue reading

Around MLB July 19, 2010

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Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Top Stories: Last week’s All-Star game had the lowest ratings every. Speaking of the All-Star game, fellow Baseball Bloggers Alliance members from GoHalos.com got a chance to attend the All-Star game festivities. Check out their write-up. Read how late Yankees … Continue reading

Series Recap: Why Mets Fans Should Forget Yankees Series

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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AROD, Steroids and Major League Baseball

Posted on by Ron Presta

The poster child for MLB Alex Rodriguez (AROD), the centerpiece of the New York Yankee organization is now part of an exclusive group of players – those to test positive for steroid usage. Sports Illustrated has reported that Alex Rodriguez … Continue reading

AROD Test Positive for Roids in 2003.

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

SI.com reported today that Alex Rodriguez failed a 2003 Steroid test. The radio stations in the NYC area have been buzzing with fans calling in slamming and defending AROD. In my video post below I ask and answer three questions … Continue reading

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