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My name is Kerel Cooper and I am the owner and operator of this blog. I began OnTheBlack in September of 2008 as a way to give myself the opportunity to voice my opinions about the team I love, the New York Mets. Over time the site has evolved into a video blog. 90% of the posts are video and the other 10% are written posts such as “Mets News” or “Photos“. My long term goal is to create a daily webshow that is all about the New York Mets.

As the site has grown, I have been fortunate enough to have had some of my blog post featured on such industry leaders as Metsblog.com and various other Mets Sites. I have also had the opportunity to work with Modell’s to promote some of their Mets related events. As a reward, I was able to be a part of an interview session featuring Dwight Gooden.

Where did the name OnTheBlack come from? I have been often asked this question. If you look at homeplate, it’s outline with a black strip. During a baseball game, if there is a close pitch, sometimes you will hear the announcers say, “that was on the blackpart of the plate”. So that’s were I got the name OnTheBlack.com.

What others are saying about OnTheBlack.com:

Matt Cerrone of Metsblog says“Kerel’s website OnTheBlack.com is awesome….I highly recommend checking it out.” Also, click here to listen to some additional compliments Matt gave me.

Joe Janish of Mets Today says: “Kerel is way ahead of the curve with his motion picture blog.”

Joe D. of Mets Merized Online says: “your Mets video blogs are great to listen to when multi tasking; always on point and well articulated.”

WeFollow.com has also ranked me in the top 25 of “Most Influential Mets” to follow on Twitter.

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