R. A. Dickey Wins The 2012 CY Young Award

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

From The Mets: Quotes from Seaver and Gooden
“My hat’s off to Mr. Dickey. I watched one of his outings when I was in town and I was amazed by his control. I was always looking for new ammunition to bring to the mound so I attempted the knuckleball. It’s a very difficult pitch to throw and needless to say, I never mastered it. I congratulate him on his tenacity not only to succeed against all odds but to excel and achieve this very high honor. I look forward to congratulating him personally.”

“I saw R.A. pitch at least 10 times this year. I’m really amazed how he was able to remake his career. I never even thought about throwing a knuckleball. To win the Cy Young Award at his age is more incredible than when I won at age 20.”

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  1. BigTomNYC says:

    Kerel, Great job on the blog. I think his consistency was amaizing, but what really stuck out was that he was so level headed throughout the season. I mean yeah, disappointed when the L showed up but, he never seemed bothered. Even in the two games that he had nothing, whe he was on the mound you could see it in his eyes, that somehow he believed the nesxt inning was going to be a 123 and the guys would score some runs to scratch out a win. Great season for a really nice guy.

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