Chat With Dave Doyle On Dickey, Wright and More

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Check out the video below as Dave Doyle of Mets Report and I talk about the roller coaster season the Mets have had, should the Mets trade Wright and Dickey and the chances of Dickey winning 20 games and the Cy Young award.

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2 Responses to Chat With Dave Doyle On Dickey, Wright and More

  1. Mike Kotyk says:

    Kerel and Dave, a great interview. I believe that Dickey will get 20 wins but I'm not so sure about whether or not he will win the Cy Young Award. I see Gio Gonzalez of the Nationals and Johnny Cueto of the Reds as being Dickey's main rivals for the award. A.J. Burnett of the Pirates has turned himself around after he left Yankee Stadium and I feel that he has a outside chance of winning the award too. What really is going to hurt Dickey's chances, however, is that Gonzalez and Cueto are more likely than not going to be showcased in this year's playoffs. The attention they will get coupled with the possibility of them pitching well will be a strike against Dickey in the Cy Young vote. As for Wright, don't trade the guy. I've watched him play ever since he arrived in Norfolk and played for the Tides. Dave Doyle is correct. If Wright (and possibly Dickey) is gone, Citi Field will be as silent as a mausoleum whenever the Mets play from all the empty seats.

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