I Hate To Admit It But I Agree With Mike Francesa

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Thanks for the link, Matt.

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2 Responses to I Hate To Admit It But I Agree With Mike Francesa

  1. Mike Kotyk says:

    I can't disagree with Mike Francesa either but, personally, I'll take my treasures where I can find them. I liked how McHugh pitched. I don't believe that he is the second coming of Doc Gooden, or even, at this point, Rick Aguilera, but I love a quality start when I see one.

  2. AC Wayne says:

    If there were some kind of radio awards that awarded sports rants, Francesa's would take the cake…the Baxter reference was spot on, poor Mikey Baxter, it;s not his fault, the Mets OFers have the propensity for bad base running (case in point, the recently departed Angel Pagan), another great point by Francesa was when he said that the Rockies starting pitcher pitched just 3 innings and the Mets were unable to win, let's see what happens this weekend against the Astros, I can't wait and see…hey Kerel, I linked this up to my Facebook page

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