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  1. Mike Kotyk says:

    I've been trying to hold out that the Mets will reach 78 wins at the end of the season, however, reality has kicked in some. Other than Dickey and Niese, the rest of the staff requires a wing and a ton of prayers each time they take the mound. To be honest, I'm running out of rabbit's feet and four leaf clovers with our pitching. Other than Wright and Davis, there seems to be an allergy going around with some of our hitters when it comes to driving in runs. Casey Stengel once noted when he managed the Mets in the 60s that he never saw a team find so many ways to lose. This years team, although I love them, seems to do the same thing; find ways to lose. So, having said that we have no pitching and minimal offense, I'm going to amend my forecast to 72 wins.

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