Thoughts On Calendar Girls & Johan Santana

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

I did this video a week ago but was on vacation and unable to post it at this time.

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2 Responses to Thoughts On Calendar Girls & Johan Santana

  1. Mike Kotyk says:

    Johan is tired. He had MAJOR surgery on his arm and I have to applaud the things he has done for the team this year. I'd like to see him turn things around but there is no use in overworking the guy. I saw a article, not sure if it was the NY Mets website or one of the papers, where it stated that Johan should be shut down. I think, at this point, it would be a good idea. Let's bring up some of our young pitchers like Wheeler and Familia, and see what they can do. If anything, it would give these two a taste of the big leagues and allow everyone else to see how they can handle the pressure.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Well looks like you were right. Johan is shut down. He pitched better than I thought he would this year and gave us a memory all Mets fans will remember with the no-hitter.

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