Mets All-Time Bad Contracts

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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  1. Mike Kotyk says:

    I would like to add Moises Alou to that list although at the time of his signing his age (40) was a big question as well as his knees. In two seasons with the Mets he only appeared in 102 games and although when he was playing he played hard (13 homeruns/58 RBI and a BA of .342) the money spent on him could have been used on younger players who could have contributed more. Also, even though I liked him, Cliff Floyd gave us only 1 really great season. The problem with signing free agents llike Floyd, Alou, Sheffield, and Vaughn is that you are always taking a big gamble when you sign them (age and propensity for injury) and you never quite know what you are going to get.

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