Top 3 Most Frustrating Things About The Team

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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  1. AC Wayne says:

    On the mark with regards to Valdespin, no doubt he should be taking his lumps this year seeing as the Mets are heading nowhere at this point in the season, the BP is terrible, I read earlier that Francisco was given a cortisone shot for his knee, the guys that Alderson has brought in, Rauch, Ramirez, have been a huge disappointment

  2. Mike Kotyk says:

    Can I throw away my Jason Bay voodoo doll now? I realize that his being in the lineup is probably more a financial decision in a attempt to get something, anything out of his big contract but, and I don't know who is calling the shot with this one (Alderson or Collins) but its hurting the team. People who have been hitting (Hairston, Valdespin) or have been successful in the past (Baxter) are sitting on the bench while Bay stands in the batter's box and strikes out. At least the fans get some air conditioning blown their way. The bullpen is just horrible. Edgin has shown some spark but the rest of them are a poison to the team. I was hoping, praying that Alderson would at least address the monstrous bullpen we have. I cringe every time Collins comes out to take one of our starters out. You cross your fingers and hope for the best but the bullpen seems to be throwing hand grenades out there from the mound.

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