Chat With Dave Doyle On Bullpen, Dickey, Santana & More

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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  1. Mike Kotyk says:

    Back in February, I remember reading the annual baseball yearbooks. Each one predicted that this club was bound to lose 100 games; maybe even more. While baseball predictions rely heavily upon scouting reports and statistics they often neglect a very important part of any team which is spirit and outlook. Sure, David Wright is back to his old self but no one could predict his influence on his teammates. Johann Santana also came back with a vengeance wanting to prove to everyone that he was indeed far from through. Each year he pitches, R.A. Dickey seems to get a little better. His selection to the All-Star team now proves that he is among the best pitchers in the National League. This year's Mets is a club that just refuses to quit despite its talent deficienies and poor play from Jason Bay and the bullpen.

  2. Mike Kotyk says:

    I had to break my commentary up. Here is the second half. A lot of credit for their success in the first half should go to Terry Collins. I remember when he was named manager of the team a lot of critics booed his selection (myself included) but the Terry Collins managing the Mets is not the Terry Collins who managed subpar teams in Houston and Los Angeles (AL). The players respect him and they feed off his 'never say die' attitude. He is not Gil Hodges or Davey Johnson by any comparison (he might not even be Bobby Valentine) but he gets the most out of his players. When this season is over, if Terry isn't among the finalists for Manager of the Year then the whole thing is fixed. I'm hoping that Sandy Alderson will find a plug or two for the bullpen. I would also like to see someone obtained at the trading deadline to protect David Wright like Josh Willingham or Johnny Gomes. This season has been full of surprises (Kirk Nieuwenhuis -wow!). I haven't enjoyed a baseball season like this in a long time. Lets Go Mets!

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