Terry Collins On Matt Harvey

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

On a recent Mets Blogger conference call with Mets Manager Terry Collins, I had a chance to ask Collins his thoughts on Matt Harvey. Watch the video below to hear the question and answer.

Transcript courtesy of Amazin Avenue:

Kerel Cooper (On the Black): I was wondering if you could give us on what you’ve seen so far with Matt Harvey this spring, and do you expect to see him with the big club at some point this year, keeping in mind that you don’t want to rush a young pitcher?

Terry Collins: Well, what we’re seeing so far is everything you’ve heard and read about, and that is an absolute first-rate arm. I saw, he threw today; I’m going to tell you a nice, smooth delivery, ball really comes out of his hand good, plus breaking ball, but the one thing I saw was command to both sides of the plate. But he was unhappy with his batting practice today because he thought he was up in the zone, but I saw life on his fastball, not only his four-seam but his two-seam was very, very good. He’s got to get command. One of the things that he and I talked about today when he was done was, ‘it’s great, you really threw the ball good, now take that into the game and be more down in the zone. Know when you can four-seam somebody up in the zone if you can use your two-seam to get ahead.’

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