Following-up On The Bay For Burnett Trade Conversation

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I elaborate more on why I would trade Jason Bay for AJ Burnett straight up. Check out this OTB Facebook Fan page thread for more opinions on this.

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2 Responses to Following-up On The Bay For Burnett Trade Conversation

  1. jwmann2 says:

    The trade makes sense. As long as you have starting pitching, you have a shot. But the Yankees need him this season, aside from the recent Pineda deal, they made very little free agent moves this offseason. They just don't want to foot the bill for Burnett. That's their fault, Cashman gave him that deal. No way the Mets could afford him given their ongoing finances.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Mets wouldn't need the Yankees to pay for Burnett. The remaining money for Bay and Burnett is pretty much even. So neither team would have much more of a financial burden than they do now.

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