My Twitter Q & A With Terry Collins

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Earlier this morning Terry Collins held a twitter Q & A with Mets fans. Below is the question I asked and the response from Terry Collins. For a detailed look at all the questions answered by Terry Collins check out The Ropolitans. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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2 Responses to My Twitter Q & A With Terry Collins

  1. mike k says:

    I kind of feel sorry for the guy. He has a team that has lost, in no particular order, his closer, his centerfielder, his shortstop to trades and free agency, his first baseman to injuries and a pitching staff that has an ace returning from major surgery. With little offense to support his pitching staff, he is going to have to be aggressive on the basepaths and come up with unique ways to bring runs home. I don't care what the experts are going to say, it is going to be an interesting season.

    • kerelcooper says:

      A lot of things are going to have to break right for this team to be competitive this year (IMO). Team has to be healthy all year long, a lot of guys are going to have to have above average years (especially the pitchers) and other teams within the division will need to have to have bad years.

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