Help Me Pick A New Mets Shirt

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

I’m cleaning out my closet and need some new Mets t-shirts. Watch the video below to see some of my outdated Mets shirts and help me pick out a new one.

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9 Responses to Help Me Pick A New Mets Shirt

  1. Anthony says:

    Support the new regime and buy a Frank Francisco or Jon Rauch shirt!! (tongue in cheek)

  2. Ceetar says:

    I'd go Duda. You'll have to get it 'custom' or whatever, because I doubt they have them pre-printed, which is another good reason to get one.

    Normally I'd say Wright, just because it's Wright and you figure to get good mileage out of it, never know these days.

    You could go really oddball, and get like..Nickeas or Satin or something. I'd shy away from a pitcher to start, just because you'd like the guy to be playing when you're there, and pitchers aren't regular.

    I've got a Dickey, a Wright and a Santana of ones that are current. Also have Beltran, and a 2006 NL All-Star Reyes.

  3. Michael says:

    Perhaps, given that it is an anniversary year (and also the fact that the current ownership may be unable to keep marque players due to financial problems), you should look to past Mets greats for a new shirt. Some suggestions: 17 – Hernandez, 41-Seaver, 31-Piazza (you may already have one of these), 8 – Carter/Berra, 24 – Mays, 18 – Strawberry, 16 – Gooden. Just sayin'.

  4. AC Wayne says:

    Go for the Ike Davis, he has a better chance than the others of staying with the club for a while…yeah, don't know what you were thinking with that K-Rod jersey??

  5. BILL MAC says:

    they shot them selves in the foot this organization. how do you let reyes go and then to a team in our division. there "ALL SET!"

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