Jose Reyes To The Marlins 6-yrs $106 M

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Between Facebook and Twitter it’s been one hell of a night trying to keep up with the Reyes news. I’ve been greatly enjoying the conversations with my fellow Mets fans. Below are my initial thoughts on all the reports of Jose Reyes agreeing on a 6 year $106 million deal with the Miami Marlins.

And here is ESPN’s Buster Olney discussing the big news.

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7 Responses to Jose Reyes To The Marlins 6-yrs $106 M

  1. Ben says:

    This sets back the Mets' rebuilding process. I thought if Reyes came back next year, Wright and Bay bounced back due to new fences, Duda and Davis took a step forward, Murphy produced like he did last year, Pagan was somewhere between '10 Pagan and '11 Pagan, Thole maintained the full-time job, and Santana, Dickey, Niese, Gee were all solid, and Pelf was Pelf, that the Mets would contend.

    WIthout Reyes the hole at the top of the lineup and up the middle is gaping. I can't see us being as good as last year.

  2. BaseballAnalyst says:

    Main concern right now is the feeling that the Mets are not able to take on a big contract. What if a stud like King Felix were made available to the Mets? Could they afford his salary? Five years and 80 mil just wasn't going to cut it.

  3. AC Wayne says:

    Wow, I thought all along the Marlins were just trying to drum up some buzz for their new stadium with their offers to Reyes, shows how much I know, haha…time to move on, I guess??

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