Notes From Sandy Alderson Conference Call

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Here are some notes from the most recent Mets blogger conference call with Sandy Alderson. As a reminder here is where you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Transcript of my question (courtesy of Amazin Avenue):
Kerel Cooper (On the Black): I wanted to ask you about the upcoming Rule 5 draft, and how active do you expect the organization to be in that?

Alderson: I think we’ll be active. We’ve already had several meetings here internally. We’ll continue those meetings in Dallas. I think we’ve narrowed down the possibilities to a handful or so. There are only a few ways to acquire players in this game, and the Rule 5 draft is one of those. It’s a relatively inexpensive shot in the dark, if you will. We were just looking at some numbers today, 70% of the players that are drafted are returned to their club. Only 30% ultimately stick with their selecting team. Last year, we were 1 for 2, so we had a 50% return rate, that’s above average. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to take a look at a player in spring training, and I think we’d be foolish not to consider it. We took two players last year, and I’m very hopeful that we’ll take one player, or maybe two, this year, depending on whether many of those five or six players we’ve identified are available to us when we draft twelfth.

To see the full transcript of the entire conference call head over to Amazin Avenue.

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