Paul DePodesta Thoughts On Moneyball

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Below is the trailer for the movie Moneyball which opens in theaters on September 23, 2011. Back in June I had a chance to ask Paul DePodesta, Vice President of player development and scouting for the New York Mets if he plans on watching the movie Moneyball and what he thinks of Jonah Hill playing a fictionalized character of him in the movie. DePodesta told me the following:

I figured this might get asked at some point [laughing]. I imagine I’ll see it at some point. To be honest, it’s a little surreal and a little awkward. As you noted, Jonah’s not actually playing me, he’s playing a fictionalized character. It’s loosely based on the idea of me, or the idea of a dozen different younger executives with particular backgrounds. Hopefully it’ll be fun and an enjoyable movie. The last time I spoke with Jonah, right before they started filming, the last thing I said to Jonah was to have a lot of fun. We had an awful lot of fun when we were in Oakland. Hopefully that comes through in the movie and nobody takes it too seriously.

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5 Responses to Paul DePodesta Thoughts On Moneyball

  1. Mike Reuther says:

    I hope it's entertaining. I'm an old Bill James reader and I can't help wonder how you make a movie out of something like this.

  2. Mike Reuther says:

    I wonder if there is a cameo appearance by Bill James or Billy Beane.

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