Behind The Scenes Of Live Google+ Chat

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Every Tuesday at 7pm EST Dave Doyle of Mets Report and I do a live video chat. Normally we do the chat on UStream but this week we decided to try out Google+ and I must say I like Google+ a lot better. There is less delay in the video feed, there are no pre-roll ads and no audio problems. All items that we’ve experienced in the pass with UStream. In the video below I give you guys a little behind the scenes look at the live video chat while I respond to topics regarding Nick Evans making the 2012 roster, whether or not Johan Santana should pitch for the Mets this season and my concern about the Mets ability to resign Jose Reyes. Shout out to Brandon Butler, David Daniels and Terence Kearns who also joined the video chat. Also, be sure to add me on Google+.

2 Responses to Behind The Scenes Of Live Google+ Chat

  1. Rachel says:

    Cool, I like the behind the scenes peek! You should go on Facebook Video Chat Rounds sometime ; )

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