Q & A: 2012 Options For Center Field

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Over the last couple weeks I’ve received a few questions regarding the Mets options for center field in 2012. For example:

Alex Fontaine: Do you think it’s a good idea to put Bay in center for next year?

Watch the video below to hear why I think the Mets have a serious dilemma regarding center field for 2012.

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2 Responses to Q & A: 2012 Options For Center Field

  1. Ramon says:

    I agree that Bay may not be the ideal option for center field, but it frees up space for Murphy to play full time somewhere. It also allows us to trade Pagan to free up some salary. I like Pagan, but he hasnt been the player we thought hed be this year so I say get rid of him and either look towards free agency, Bay, or the minors (if one of the somehow steps up and impresses) for centerfield.

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