More Impressive: 300 Saves or 600 Home Runs?

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Last week I asked the following question on Twitter and Facebook:

More impressive milestone? Thome 600 HR’s or Isringhausen 300 saves?

In the video below I discuss this topic with Dave Doyle of Mets Report.

Responses from Twitter:

  • @lagranderusty: thome’s homer
  • @themetscast: Thome. Saves are a product of opportunity MT @ontheblack: Moe impressive milestone? Thome 600 HR’s or Izzi 300 saves? #mets #mlb #baseball
  • @MetsNY81: Thome 600 HR’s.
  • @SHunterN: Thome’s 600 HR’S
  • @JedSmed: Also, saves are kinda BS RT @themetscast Thome. SV are product of opportunity MT @ontheblack: Moe impressive? Thome 600 HR’s or Izzi 300 SV?

Responses From Facebook:

  • John Dietrich: Both impressive milestones, but I would say Thome & 600 HR’s. Only the 8th guy to do it, while Isringhausen is the 23rd guy to get to 300 saves. What’s your take?
  • Frankie Plata: Thome’s 600th HR is more impressive.
  • Eric Kincaid: thomes 600 hrs is a more amazing feet but izzy getting to 300 saves with all the injuries hes had is very impressive.
  • Ronald Presta: I guess Thome because 300 saves will not help Izzy get into the HOF, but 600 is another story.
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