The 5 Tool Show: First Official Show

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

On Tuesday night Tanya Mercado of Citi Field of Dreams and I officially launched our new podcast, “The 5 Tool Show”. Click the play button below to hear Tanya and I discuss the latest on the New York Mets, AJ Burnett struggles, Carlos Zambrano, gambling in baseball, the potential MLB playoff picture and much more! Also be sure to tune into our show every Tuesday at 9pm EST.

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2 Responses to The 5 Tool Show: First Official Show

  1. AC Wayne says:

    I listened to the beginning of the podcast, good job, pretty funny when you opened up the chat room moderator's mic, Big Dog, and he sounded like he was about to say, I'M ON THE AIR!, H–LY SH–T, AM I ON THE AIR! haha, looking forward to your next show. LGM!

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