Early Thoughts On Off Season Priorities

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

I recently asked the following question on my Facebook fan page:

Poll: #1 priority this off season: resign Reyes, starting pitching, bullpen, position player, bench or something else?

Watch the video below to hear some of the responses I got and my own thoughts on this.

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5 Responses to Early Thoughts On Off Season Priorities

  1. ALANN says:

    Well i think if pitching is the ultimate goal then we should see if a guy like bedard can be had.I think he would possibly be interested given the nl and citi field so that might be a scenario which could benefit both parties.Injury history is a tough pill but worth the risk.Best case scenario 2 top tier lefties anchoring your rotation in santana bedard but worst case both are not dependable health wise.I think Alderson will always try to mix top free agents with high value cheap signings.Unfortunately i doubt we will sign top tier free agents this offseason other than reyes.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Yeah Bedard is a tough one because of the injury history. Mets rolled the dice on Chris Young this year and that didn't work out which is unfortunately because I think he would have pitched well for the Mets

      • ALANN says:

        Unfortunately on a 1 year deal that might be just what the mets and bedard need.We know he will never give 200 innings cause he hasn't had one season of that.Still i think if u r the mets u have to be creative in getting a pitcher in here that if all goes well has the upside of a number 2 for this team.If santana will be back and healthy he would be the ace and dickey will be a very solid number 3 type along with niese.I think many mets fans would be happy with santana dickey niese gee bedard.The lefty righty order and bedard could beat up alot of opposing team numbers 5's which could be a real advantage their.I saw cerrone post about fielder and u know my dream is to get him here.People need to realize this team got within 1 game of the ws with maine and perez in the rotation in 06 but with a great lineup.Not saying pitching isn't a priority but this year is pretty barren.Could u honestly tell me that cj wilson as the number 2 here would win us more games next year then with fielder in the lineup.I am telling you reyes pagan wright fielder davis bay murphy thole lineup with the pitching lineup could compete for the wild card and in the playoffs u never know.The year after we have pitchers that if all goes well will come thru in harvey wheeler famiglia mejia.This would be great since the core of our position players will be 30 and below in wright reyes fielder davis.What you can envision here is if things go right we would have the lineup and pitching staff to be an elite team which what the red sox phillies are and what the braves will be next year with that they have coming thru.Man you can't believe the pitching they have in teheran vizcaino delgado minor along with beachey hanson and juirggens.They have a 1 thru 5 of all number 2's and maybe some that will become legit number 1's.But their offense although with freeman and heyward is not really fruitful in the minors.So if we could have an advantage with our offense and develop our own core of pitching we could challenge them and the phillies.Either way at this point mets better spend to develop a top 5 minor league farm cause.marlins have the pitching and now a guy that i think will be a tremendous star in stanton.The braves have their pitching and nationals look like they are on the verge in terms of talent coming thru.If the mets stand pat not only will they not win now but not in the next 10 years and i kid u not.Small market teams are locking up their talent faster and when they feel they have no chance in keeping them only then trade and mets will not be in a position to give up the farm for only one need.They need to strike when a top talent becomes a free agent and mix that with homegrown talent.Fielder this year kemp next year.If felix hernandez becomes available u have to hit hard on that cause he is a difference maker.

  2. Sibel says:

    I apologize in advance for the multiple questions, but I really would like another person's take on the following possibilities.

    1. Assuming Reyes gets signed first, how likely is it for the Mets to land Brandon Phillips?

    2. Would they be able to obtain Wandy Rodriguez?

    3. If the Mets fail to sign Reyes, what other free agents can you see them seriously pursue?

    Thank you!

    • kerelcooper says:

      1. I can't see the Mets going after Phillips. I think the Mets are going to see if Murphy can come back healthy and I expect a competition between Murphy and Turner at 2B next year.

      2. Wandy Rodriguez is under contract with the Astros to at least 2013 (the team has a club option for 2014. He hasn't been bad this year but I don't know why the Astros would trade him? Also, I look at Rodriguez as a #3 at best. The Mets already have a bunch of 3-4-5 pitchers. They don't need another. I'd rather see them bring in a #1 pitcher.

      3. I'm not 100% sure yet. I haven't looked at who all is available. I'll be doing that once the season ends. I can tell you though that my top priority for the Mets are #1 starting pitcher and resigning Reyes.

      Thanks for the comments/questions. Keep em coming!

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