Interview: John Delcos Part II

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In part two of my interview with John Delcos of New York Mets Report we discuss the future of Mike Pelfrey as a Met, what should be the top priority this off season and some top sports moments that John has covered as a writer.

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2 Responses to Interview: John Delcos Part II

  1. ALANN says:

    Hey Kerel So John says that capuano is good but dickey has taken a step back?Has anyone taken a look at dickeys numbers?He has got a 3.72 era pitching well on pace for over 200 innings.What pitching should we go after cj wilson?He will command big bucks and honestly not sure he is a legit number 2 .Hate to sound like a broken record but what could really get this team more wins is fielder remember what kind of year wright had with delgado and beltran in 06 and 07 supporting him?You need to create that again with wright fielder and davis.I highly doubt getting pricy sub par pitchers would do much.I like alderson going after cheaper pitchers that have value as 4 or 5 starters.Look at what dickey is earning and what he is making.Pitching like a great #3 type never mind the wins and losses that is not under his control.Santanas 15 win season with a 2.53 era as a met would have been a 22 or 23 win season with the yanks or sox.Don't think i don't want pitching i just want true legit number 1's when they come on the market not number 3 types getting 16 to 18 million per year .If felix hernandez were to become available you look at that or cain which i think is extremely underrated.But the thing we can do in the offseason to most improve and impact this club is fielder.Remember we lost beltran and his power and although not crazy huge power still 25 hr and they need to be replaced.Look at what the 06 team did and how far they got you had 41 ,38 and 26 hrs respectfully from beltran delgado and wright.We even got 19 hr from reyes although i don't see that happening again.We need to get this team to score 5 plus runs consistently every night.Oh and btw i look at lucas duda and am starting to think he will never have much power.His hr were line drives majority of his hits are singles and the whole talk about how big and strong he is doesen't change the fact that his batting stance doesen't look to promote much hr power but rather kind of slap hits.He could get better definetly but the minor league parks maybe the line drive hrs were easier but not at citi for sure.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Dickey has had some bad luck this year. He's pitched better than his record. Not sure what pitchers the Mets should go after….I need to take a look at who's available as we get closer to the end of the season.

      You are making a serious push for Fielder LOL :) There is no question that Fielder who improve this team. His bat would lengthen the lineup and add the power the Mets desperately need/miss. Again though I think it comes down to their budget plus needs/priorities and I really don't see them going after him. I think the Mets look at Ike Davis as their 1b now and in the future.

      I think it may be too early to say Duda won't have much power. I think that will eventually come. Will he be a guy that hits 40+ HRs? Probably not but could be a guy in the 25 range. He's not showing the power now but it may come.

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