Mets Weekly Report: Remaining Interested In This Season

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

With the Mets clearly out of the playoff race I ask Dave Doyle of Mets Report to give me some reasons to stay interested in the remainder of this season. Note: we did this video before Reyes and Murphy got hurt on Sunday…

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2 Responses to Mets Weekly Report: Remaining Interested In This Season

  1. ALANN says:

    Terry Collins did a great job with this team and i think that he will be good for the young players.Going forward i think that the players they bring in will be the most important next step.I have alot of confidence in terry collins getting the most out of his players which is huge and something we were lacking before.What i will say is this is new york and interesting although nice just is not enough.What is sad is that if we just keep our payroll at 145 million we would be able to not only retain reyes but get fielder and that could get us into a real fight in august and september for the playoffs unfortunately they are gonna cut payroll.

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