Mets Have Lacked Power For Years

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

There are a number of reasons you can point to as to why the Mets are just a .500 team this year. In this video I discuss the lack of offensive power that the Mets have had not only this year but for the last few seasons. Watch the video to see where I think the Mets should prioritize offensive power this off season.

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9 Responses to Mets Have Lacked Power For Years

  1. ALANN says:

    Time to get Prince Fielder though i think this isn't the year we will make that type of a splash.Honestly everybody wants to resign reyes and i like him alot too but can you imagine the return he would have brought us when beltran brought wheeler i think we could have got 2 bluechips.Then sign fielder in the off season.Believe me after we give him that huge 20 plus million contract per year for 6 years history has shown us reyes will dissapoint overall for the history of the contract.Whereas fielder hit some towering homers at citi as a visitor.I really believe that if we has signed fielder this offseason and matt kemp the year after people would be fine with the loss of reyes.I think now is not the year to look for that front of the rotation.If anything i think we go for that once hopefully harvey,famiglia,wheeler and mejia come which should be 2013.i think then you get that anchor front of the rotation starter if they are available to put next to a bunch of probable number 2 types.Honestly at that point we could trade for one of them if they get on the market say a package of jon niese wilmer flores cesar puello and dillon gee.I think two possible number 3 starters and solid prospects in flores and puello would get that done.You would have wright fielder kemp davis murphy plus others and a young rotation that could become elite within a few years.

    • Aaron says:

      I disagree with everything you said

    • kerelcooper says:

      I like Fielder but I don't see the Mets going after him. Besides where do you put Davis if they do? Davis being hurt is one of the reasons for the lack of power this year as well. Davis probably would have hit around 30 home runs this year if he was healthy.

      • ALANN says:

        I think that davis had a cannon of an arm when he was drafted and there was talk of him playing in the outfield before he came up.Now with his knee obviously that might have changed i dont know if it will fully be healed ever as well as if the outfield will make it harder on the knees.But he is definetly capable of switching to rf if healthy.I think some would argue he is a very good defensive 1b and that would be lost but you have to ask yourself would it be in the teams best interest to have fielder at 1b and that consistent 35 to 40 hr power for the next 5 years even with a loss on the defensive side.Look i love reyes i think he is awesome but lets not forget you are paying a premium for his speed and to be honest i can't be 100% sure that in 3 or 4 years he will still be a 50 sb per year player.He is hitting better this year i think cause he has finally given up on being a 20 hr hitter which i think hurt him in the past.He would hit a lot of popups trying to hit it out.But i will be honest here how many fans will be dissapointed in a 290 12 hr 65 rbi and 40 sb year for 20 million a year and at least a few unhealthy years in that contract?I would bet alot that is what he will be.Remember 20 million is not the 14 or even 16 million that he would have gotten before this great season.For 22 or 23 million u get a massive offensive behemoth in fielder.I honestly think that we will not be serious contenders for the next few years.Remember you have to look at what the teams in your division have.Phillies although old probably are the best for the next couple years and the braves are stacked with high potential pictchers.Im talking about alot of #2 type starters with more on the way in teheran minor vizcaino and maybe randall delgado.Then you look at the fact that they have hanson beachy jurrgens already there and young.I will bet you anything that they trade some of that pitching which costs a premium for good hitting and add that to there nucleus.The mets have uptil now neglected their minor leagues.This year they have spent a bit more but are way behind .I think even the nationals have some top end talent that is not too far off.My point is that we need not good players we need some great players to counteract.We don't have that coming through the minors on the position side at all.There is no jayson heyward or mike stanton here atleast not yet.Honestly we should have spent more in this draft i mean we did better than before but cmon the pirates blue jays went crazy.Why did we not draft daniel norris that in another year could have been a top 5 pick?We need high end talent and fielder at his age would be great to get.

        • kerelcooper says:

          On Davis and defense: Don't know. I think of all the bad throws David Wright makes and how many times over the years Carlos Delgado saved Wright and now watching Davis do the same, a 1b with a good glove is very important to the Mets. Not only with fielding grounders but like I said, with the way Wright throws.

          On Reyes: I hear ya. It's a chance the Mets are taking with him. He is by far having his best year he's ever having and the chances of him consistently doing what he's doing this year for the next 4-5 years are probably unlikely. But it's very hard to replace what he provides at the top of the Mets lineup and his game is built for Citi Field. I don't want the Mets to break the bank on resigning him but I'd like to see them go after him aggressively and bring him back (if at all possible for reasonable $$).

          On great players: outside of Reyes there are no other great players on this team. Wright is very good, I think Davis will eventually be very good but that's about it. It will be very interesting to see what happens this off season with the Mets budget. I think that will dictate a lot of what they do.

          • ALANN says:

            Hey Kerel this latest injury reaffirms my opionion that trading reyes at the height and getting most likely a couple blue chips would have been the prudent thing to do.He has too many hammy problems and the speed is what we will be paying the premium for.The only positive could be is if its significant time it might keep suitors from offering 6 or 7 years so maybe we get lucky there but this is not good.Look at wright the only significant time he misses is with a baseball hitting his skull or a fractured back but both things have healed.

  2. ALANN says:

    I think what the mets need to aim for is being an elite team.Something that the phillies have aimed for and the braves although with more budget constraints.Look as sad as it sounds we might have missed out on the best years of reyes and wright.Why i say that is because reyes most likely will lose speed and the price will preclude us from adding the elite players that we could have when he costed us peanuts as well as with wright.I think best case scenario the day we will not look overmatched against the phillies or braves is at best 2 years away and then wright will be 31 and reyes 30.Reyes most likely will have 3 years after that at best with his speed and wright with his power.I think honestly the dimensions have to be moved in at citi because wright has gotten worse since the new park opened cause of altering his approach at the plate at home.What i would have done is trade reyes for a bounty and keep wright sign him long term because i think with the dimensions moved in you have a 30 hr player in wright maybe a little more than that.Build your minors sign fielder.Have that nucleus of fielder wright davis and hopefully kemp the year after.Build your rotation from within and add a legit number one if and when they become available and that will most likely coincide with a less powerhouse phillies team although a very strong braves team.

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