Jason Bay: Over/Under 10 Home Runs This Year?

Posted on by Kerel Cooper


  • @mattyfaz31: Over…I think Bay has one hot month in him minimum.
  • @Teamace: Definetly under.He’s got (9) in a yr and a half!
  • @ant7701: Gonna go out on a limb and say over. I can see a tear in the second half…finishes with 15-18HRs. Hopefully lol
  • @letsgometsgo4: I’m going to take the over. There’s a lot of season left.


  • Joe Pizzurro: Over. Hopefully 20.
  • Donald E Wolf: under
  • Jimmy O’Brien: I think right around 10 actually. I’d say maybe 13-15 if we’re lucky.
  • Leslie Nestory: Over
  • Chris Mora: definitely under….there’s no hope for him
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2 Responses to Jason Bay: Over/Under 10 Home Runs This Year?

  1. Joe Schmoe says:

    Unless he straightens out his swing in the minors under 10

  2. I haven't done any formal research on this – and I hate to question athletes and the legitimacy of their stats – but is it fair to question Bay's past as performance enhanced? I understand he's had some injury issues – but to only produce 9 HRs in 160 games over the course of two seasons is not just under performing – it's a complete outlier. The guy averaged just over 30 HRs a year in around 149 games per season the previous 6 campaigns before coming to the Citi. I get that the Citi isn't as HR-friendly as Fenway – but that's a dramatic decline for a guy only turning 32 this season.

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