Thoughts On Reyes Not Negotiating During The Season

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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4 Responses to Thoughts On Reyes Not Negotiating During The Season

  1. @ZekeO73 says:

    Well done, as always, Kerel. I hope they re-sign Jose, too, obviously. I think that Jose has every right to wait until the end of the season. Sure, that backs the Mets into a corner but, that's what negotiating is all about. In the end, I don't believe that Jose wants to play anywhere else and, despite what the beat writers say, I don't believe that money is the overriding factor. Reyes will get a really good contract this fall, regardless so, I see him going the 'Cliff Lee' route of playing in a city where he's happy. If he can squeeze an extra year or extra couple million out of the Mets in the process, why not? who wouldn't?

  2. Joe Schmoe says:

    I am pretty certain Reyes will walk after this year. I think Jose didn’t like getting shown up when Wright signed a bigger contract now Jose want to do a Beltran have a great year sign a contract then go back to your average stats. At least the Mets will get 2 draft picks for Reyes.

  3. AC Wayne says:

    I don't blame Reyes for wanting to wait until the end of the season, that story that came out with him meeting up with Boras and having to defend his stance with his current agents was distracting to say the least, the media definitely has a hand in this and until the end of the season they will try and spin this thing as many ways as they can, I hope Reyes stays but if you think about it, if Reyes was either playing well on a bad team or not playing well, he would be gone.

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