Gary Carter Get Well Card

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Mets have a get well card for Gary Carter that will be on the field for some of the players to sign at the end of Mets bp today. After that the card will go into the rotunda for fans to sign. If you are going to tonight’s game, check it out. Also, to get your “We Love Ya Kid” shirt, check out The 7 Line.

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4 Responses to Gary Carter Get Well Card

  1. Martin McColgan says:

    You go Kid , You don't know me, but I know you , and if there is one thing that that can never be denied is that you will NEVER make the last out. I am 53 years old , and a cancer survivor. If I can do it , it should be nothing for you. YOU ARE MY HERO!!!

  2. barbpalmira says:

    Kid– You are by and far my favorite baseball great. I was a catcher too and I looked to you as a source of inspiration. Not only because you were a great athelete but because you were a real person with values who still knew how to have fun. I still have your baseball card. My kids laugh about it and call you "Moms Boyfriend". I pray for your recovery and want you to know that you are a source of inspiration.

  3. Sandy says:

    We love you, Gary. We know this is a tough fight but you have been there before and have pulled the Mets up beyond all expectations. You will pull yourself up the same way you do everyone else. You are the person we all looked up to and will continue to do so. I hope you get this e-mail message but if not, – somehow – in your soul – know that we are with you. Much, much love.

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