Does The Subway Series Mean Much Anymore?

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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5 Responses to Does The Subway Series Mean Much Anymore?

  1. BaseballAnalyst says:

    Hell Yes!!!

  2. kerelcooper says:

    I hear what you're saying but as a Mets fan, playing the A's, Angels, Ranges, etc…has not relevance for me. I'd rather play additional series against teams like the Cardinals, Dodgers and Giants. If MLB expands the Wild Card wouldn't playing NL teams more be more important than inter-league play?

  3. NYMetsie says:

    Change interleague. 1 short series, only with an intercity, or regional Franchises, Small markets without a rival must find their closest regional rival and get it on. This will mean some teams draw big ala ,Boston v. Pirates, Other Franchises create new rivalries ala Seattle v. Colorado, etc… Ditch the rest of the interleague schedule. You are bored with the Yanks Mets, because there is too much of it now, 2 games a year one at each stadium, and potential post season meetings would be more than enough.

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