Q & A: Does The 1986 Team Get Too Much Attention?

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I answer the following viewer question:

Blue387 – Do you think there is too much focus on the 1986 championship? From the documentary to the new display at the hall of fame/museum to in-game quizzes, I feel it’s a but much..

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8 Responses to Q & A: Does The 1986 Team Get Too Much Attention?

  1. John says:

    No player on the 1986 team that Mets fans hated? Douglass Randall Sisk.

  2. Jeff says:

    Rafael Santana sucked! Could not hit out of a paper bag!

  3. Interesting, I do think overall the change in dynamics on how information is transferred and spread in the sports community helps mythologize that team in hindsight a bit. I was fortunate enough to have season tickets during the 1987 and 1988 seasons (or unfortunate depending on your point of view). My recollection is that the team, which was virtually the same from 1985 thru early 1989, save for a few changes ie Knight leaving post 1986, Backman leaving post 1988 was not so universally loved.

    I can imagine the twitter posts circa July 1987 when Gary Carter had already garnered the nickname "Pop Up Kid", or the on again off again relationship the fans had almost night to night with Darryl Strawberry.

    I think the bottom line, they won it all. As such time manages a bit of photoshop on the rough edges that followed.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I think for that Mets fan that is 25 years old or younger that doesn't remember or was not born before 1986 and has never experienced a World Series I can see why they might be tired of or frustrated with hearing about 1986. To really get a full appreciation of what that team means to us Mets fans, you had to live through it.

      • I hear you. But I'd say as someone who was watching that team closely as it was built and through the championship and beyond, I am sick of hearing about them. In many ways that team represents both aspects of the Mets. Success and failure. The former limited, the latter abundant. And the seemingly constant references to them only further highlight the utter futility of what in many ways is considered a punch-line franchise.

        At some point when you celebrate a team so much it cheapens its meaning and highlights the terrible direction of this franchise for the better part of a quarter of a century. Perhaps that is a good thing. Perhaps the rock bottom, the financial mishaps of the current owners and Alderson bringing in a crew to straighten out the ship will finally put this organization back on a track similar to that mid 1980s team. History as a Mets fan as taught me to grin and bare it.

        • kerelcooper says:

          Well said. It's interesting cause when I think back to the 86 team: two things always come to top of mind 1) what a great/exciting season that was. 2) Dammit that group of guys should have won more than just one title.

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