Ejection, 200 Innings and Avoiding The Sweep

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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  1. FormerDirtDart says:

    I'm not sure terry went out there to get ejected, but, I didn't see it. I can believe he went out there to make a point to the team that he didn't want to simply let another out get away. The "extra out" has been a huge stumbling block for the team so far.
    I think C. Young will get between 20-30 starts, though, probably not the high end of that projection. I certainly don't see him getting anywhere close to 200 innings. He's never broken 180 (even with 31 starts).
    I think Dickey has a chance to get to 200 innings. Last years number (about 6.6 innings per start) averages out to 199.6 innings in 30 starts. And, I think everyone believes Jerry pulled RA way early, more than a few times.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Something in me tells me Collins got ejected on purpose. First inning and he was fired up over a foul tip? I agree I think Dickey has a chance to get to 200 IP. If Pelfrey can get on a roll and pitch like he did last night, he could have a shot. He's done it before.

  2. AC Wayne says:

    Thanks for the mention, yeah, great win last night…regarding TC's ejection, I felt that not getting himself thrown out the night before by another bad call, the DP that Hall lost in the transfer, wink wink, the reply showed that Hall never had possession of the ball, anyway, I strongly believe it was burning up inside him that he didn't take one for the team on Tuesday night.

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