Three Reasons Why This Phillies Series Is Important

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Yes, I know it’s early and I am by no means saying this is a “must win” series BUT I do think it is important for the Mets to play well in these three games. Watch the video below to here why. Also be sure to check out a series preview podcast I did with Phillies blogger Rich Baxter over at Fightin Phillies.

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4 Responses to Three Reasons Why This Phillies Series Is Important

  1. AC Wayne says:

    I think tonight's game is crucial, to be able to win now will show up the Phillies at home and ruin the Philly fan's night.

  2. MattyLoop says:

    Well they blew that theory out of the water! Yikes…Its going to be a long season Coop.

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