Mets Blogger Conference Call With Terry Collins

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

On Tuesday evening the New York Mets hosted a blogger conference call where a team of Mets bloggers (including myself) got a chance to asked Mets Manager Terry Collins a question. Watch this video below to hear the question I asked and the response I got from Collins. See below the video for a catalog of write-ups by my fellow bloggers.

My Q & A with Terry Collins courtesy of Michael Baron of Metsblog and Michael G. Baron.

Kerel Cooper: A lot of talk this off-season has been how good the Phillies are and their rotation. You can talk about the Braves, Nationals, and Marlins all having improved. Do you think there is an extra sense of motivation to get off to a good start?

Its very important to get off to a good start. It breeds confidence in the club and the fans. I think wins in April are just as important as the ones in September. I think we have to get out of the gate on a positive note and thats why I am so excited about how we’ve played over the last ten days. We’ve got a lot of ways to beat the opposition.


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