My Top 5 New York Mets of All-Time

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Ed Marcus aka rustyjr of Real Dirty Mets has been counting down the top 50 Mets of all time based on viewer comments and feedback. I participated by submitting my top 50 list to Ed. In this video I count down my top 5 New York Mets of all time. Below the video are my picks for 6-50.

1-5 See Video Above
6. J Koosman
7. D Wright
8. J Reyes
9. G carter
10. Bill Shea
11. E Alfonzo
12. J Franco
13. R Darling
14. M Wilson
15. E Kranepool
16. A Leiter
17. D Cone
18. J Orosco
19. S Fernandez
20. F Cashen
21. C Stengel
22. J Matlock
23. H Johnson
24. C Jones
25. B Harrelson
26. R Staub
27. K McReynolds
28. B Jones
29. R Reed
30. J Santana
31. Davey Johnson
32. R Ventura
33. P Martinez
34. C Swan
35. T Agee
36. T Mcgraw
37. T Hundley
38. J Olerud
39. T Zeile
40. F. Viola
41. Bobby Valentine
42. L Mazzilli
43. C Floyd
44. R McDowell
45. D Kingman
46. W Backman
47. C Beltran
48. A Benitez
49. C Delgado
50. G Hodges

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14 Responses to My Top 5 New York Mets of All-Time

  1. AC Wayne says:

    Not too shabby, you have Seaver pitching to Piazza behind the plate, Keith at first, Doc warming up in the bullpen, and Strawberry manning the outfield, taking your scenario, 2 pitchers, INF, OF, C, I guess I'd have to say Todd Hundley, Roger McDowell, Mookie Wilson, it's tough to narrow it down to five, Jose Reyes, and, I would say Santana, but he's hurt…I'll go with El Sid, the high heat, the 5-0 on the uniform for the state of Hawaii, weight problems.

    • kerelcooper says:

      El Sid was the man. No mention of Cone by you? Where would he fall on your list?

      • AC Wayne says:

        Cone was in his prime as a Met, his best season was 1988, 20-3, third in the NL CY voting that season, 2.22 ERA. He also added another definition to the word "Showtime." While looking up his numbers, I noticed that he finished out his career in 2003 at the age of 40 with none other than the Mets.

  2. MattyLoop says:

    Any time Armando Benitez makes your franchise's top 50 list…you know you've been hurting for a while!

    • kerelcooper says:

      LOL well I certainly understand why people wouldn't want him on this list but the bottom line is he's second all-time (behind John Franco) in saves for the Mets. That's gotta count for something.

  3. BaseballAnalyst says:

    As far as Managers and Executives go I would put Hodges ahead of Johnson. Gil single handily broke the mentality of losing from The Met's psyche. The 1969 miracle remains right up there with putting a man on the moon as one of God's greatest miracles! As far as putting a list like this together.A very difficult task. I guess you can break it down by looking at the contributions to their four World Series teams first and then career accomplishments second? Or Vice versa? Rusty Staub was the offensive heart of the 1973 WS team as was Piazza in 2000. The 1986 team was filled with stars and was probably the only dominant team in Mets history

  4. BaseballAnalyst says:

    I would actually slide Kooz ahead of Doc because of his postseason accomplishments. Very similar career stats.

  5. BaseballAnalyst says:

    I love that Krane is 15th on your list…I think it really shows that you get it….His numbers weren't great but he was Mr. Met for a long time. This is a fun list to debate.

  6. BaseballAnalyst says:

    Tommie Agee can rate higher Swan.( WS Champ-Great Fielding in the series and 3 post season HR's)

  7. kerelcooper says:

    Agreed. Always seemed to blow the biggest games.

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