Worst Mets Player Position Changes

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Sparked by conversations with Mets blogging buddies Shannon and Media Goon of Mets Police, Ceetar of Optimistic Mets Fan and Randy of Read The Apple, here are 5 of the Mets worst player position changes that come to top of mind.

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8 Responses to Worst Mets Player Position Changes

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  2. Michael says:

    I think moving Mike Piazza from catcher to first base was should replace one of your number three to five. At least moving Cameron to a corner outfield position was still an outfield move. And Todd Hunley's move to the outfield was not the first time that happened either (for reference, see the Yankees moving Yogi Berra in his later years with that team). The Piazza experiment, however, was just awful.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I agree that the Piazza move was awful and it could easily be considered one of the worst position changes by the Mets of all time. It's just the five that I mentioned came to top of mind first. None of the ones I listed though are any better. If you recall Hundley was completely lost in LF and I still can't get over the Cameron/Beltran collision. They are all just bad.

  3. chris williams says:

    remember when the mets had a can't miss rookie named amos otis ?
    this was 1970 and they tried to shove 3rd base downhis throat. he ended up in kansas city and had a good carreer. could have been jones,agee and otis in the out field as the "mobile alabama mafia—and another play off apperance for the mets.

  4. pfh64 says:

    The worst part of Piazza to first base was in their efforts to not hurt his feelings, they did not play him there all spring, he played it like once every four days.

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