Dave and I Talk Tickets, Spring Training, Phillies & More

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In this video Dave Doyle of Mets Report and I discuss a number of topics including Mets ticket sales, spring training and the Phillies.

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  1. pfh64 says:

    I have said this in previous posts, his defense might be painful, I get that, but there are so few players on this roster right now that would sell their mothers for a win, and Murphy is one of them. They need to get him on the field as much as possible. How much worse can he be than Luis Castillo, who can't move at all. If it doesn't workout so be it. I love Reyes but if the new front office decides that his injury prone body is not worth it can you really blame them? Besides, he has been on this team for eight years, and while I do not agree with the front offices' view of SB, I see a ball player that has not improved one iota in eight years. Your frustrations with him (not including injuries) are still the same ones that you had when he was a rookie. He has never once done anything that has made him a better ball player. He has never worked on getting better reads of left handed pitchers. He never has made the time to learn how to bunt. His lack of knowledge of the strike zone is maddening.

    So, while some folks may look at Reyes as the test of the "post-Madoff" Mets, I disagree. I agree more with the thought of them selling off players in May & June.

    Said it before and I will repeat it. I have no wins and losses expectations of this team this year. All I want to see is a team that plays the game right way, and show me that they have some (insert your own adjective for manliness here). Kind of like the Islanders did the other night when they got fed up with being pushed around. The first time, someone slides late into a player, or shows them up, the next pitch that guys sees is in his ribs. Or the next time, someone that has made them their "b-tch" gets up, the ball goes right in his thigh, and let them know, you might win the game, but your time as our "daddy" is OVER. That is all I want to see.

    • kerelcooper says:

      From what I've seen so far (just a couple videos), I'm concerned Murphy will end up getting hurt again because he doesn't know how the play the position well enough to protect himself when turning double plays. Remember last season when Utley took out Tejada? If that been Murphy he would have probably shattered his knee or something.

      On Reyes – I think the Mets are in a tough spot. If they trade him before the deadline people will say it's the Madoff effect. If they keep him after the deadline and he walks, people will say they should have traded him. If they resign him, people will say they gave him too much money. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out.

      • pfh64 says:

        KC, I understand what you say about his defensive ability. He just brings a fight to the team that so few guys had or have, at least to this point, and that is what they need more than anything other than an ace pitcher.

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