Bloomberg Sports Pro Product: Rick Peterson On John Axford

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

I recently attended a Bloomberg Sports event to preview the new product “Front Office 2011″. Those in attendance got to see up close the professional (used by MLB teams) and the consumer product (fantasy baseball product). For those of you fantasy baseball heads out there, you are definately going to want the consumer product. This product will integrate into your CBS, Yahoo and ESPN fantasy leagues and assist you in making the right moves. The tool features a free agent finder, trade analyzer, lineup manager and more. I must say I am very impressed by both the professional and consumer products. I will certainly be using the consumer product to help me get through my fantasy baseball season.

We were also treated to a demonstration of the professional product by long time pitching coach Rick Peterson. Here is video I took with my iPhone of Peterson demonstrating the professional product which pro baseball teams use to help evaluate their players. In the video, Peterson takes us through the case study he used while he was the Milwaukee Brewers pitching coach to evaluate and fix the mechanics of pitcher John Axford.

BTW – I got a chance to talk to Rick Peterson for a few minutes after the event. I asked him specifically about the Mets signings of Chris Capuano and Chris Young. He said he thought both were great signings by the Mets and that he believes Capuano should be a starter, not coming out of the bullpen.

For more on “Front Office 2011″, be sure to visit Also, some of my fellow blogger buddies were in attendance as well. Be sure to check out Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest, Steve Keane of Eddie Kranepool Society, Mark Healy of Baseball Digest, Ted Berg of Ted Quarters, James Kannengieser of Amazin Avenue and Craig Glaser of Sabometrics. I’m sure all will have write-ups of their own.

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