Matt Cerrone & I Talk Josh Thole, Jason Bay & More

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I’m joined by Matthew Cerrone of Metsblog. Watch as we discuss some thoughts on the upcoming spring training, why Josh Thole could have a surprisingly good year, expectations of Jason Bay and more!

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8 Responses to Matt Cerrone & I Talk Josh Thole, Jason Bay & More

  1. MattyLoop says:

    What is this? Is this actual Mets talk about ON THE FIELD topics?

    Hell, if the cold weather affected Bay last year in April, what happens this year if this nasty weather continues?

    Keeping the fingers crossed Kerel!

  2. AC Wayne says:

    I would be surprised if Jason Bay, assuming he's healthy, has the same type of numbers he had last year before his concussion….it's a shame because Bay looked like he was turning things around before that injury ended his season prematurely…Thole will have a lot on his plate if he's awarded the starting catcher's job…way to go, Matt!

  3. Pete says:

    How did you record and post the skype conversation?

  4. AC Wayne says:

    Hey man, what can you do, Aaron Rodgers earned that Super Man belt…I hate to say it but that guy is starting to get on my nerves, did you see his interview on FOX before the Super Bowl, what's up with the hairdo? If he wants to compete with the big boys, he's gonna have to either wear a baseball cap backwards ala Tony Romo or let the locks fly ala the Golden Boy, Tom Brady, good game though, I was rooting for the Steelers.

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