Mets Bloggers Discuss Josh Thole

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

I recently met up with Randy from Read The Apple, Ceetar from Optimistic Mets Fan & Shannon from Mets Police. We kicked back, had a few beers and of course talked Mets baseball and blogging. During the meet-up we filmed a quick response (using my iPhone) to the following question that came in from Twitter:

EliFromBrooklyn: Thole: Long term starting catcher? (Personally, I don’t think he pans out.)

Watch the video below to hear three different and interesting answers (LOL). Also, be sure to check out Shannon’s write-up over at Mets Police, Ceetar at Optimistic Mets Fan and what Randy learned over at Read The Apple.

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4 Responses to Mets Bloggers Discuss Josh Thole

  1. @SuzanneVara says:

    THOLE! I love him. I think he is a smart player and with some good coaching he can really be a consistent player. I do not think that he will be leading the team in HR, RBI, Stolen Bases nor SO. I see him as being a catcher that is very good at his position and knows the pitches that he can hit and hit well.

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  3. pfh64 says:

    KC, the thing I like best about Thole is, at least from the short body of work, that he comes across as a leader, as a guy that would bite his own face off for a win. This team has far too few of those types of players.

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