Jose Reyes Needs To Steal More Bases In 2011

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

A big part of Jose Reyes offensive game is his speed. With that said, Reyes hasn’t stolen 60+ bases since 2007. In the video below I talk about why I would like to see Reyes steal more bases in 2011.

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4 Responses to Jose Reyes Needs To Steal More Bases In 2011

  1. pfh64 says:

    KC, it is very simple, if the Reyes is anywhere near leading the majors in steals, or even attempted steals, the Mets offense will be okay, because it means he is healthy, if he is not, then they are in trouble. I still do not understand why he has not gone, with a blank check, to Rod Carew's house and begged him to teach him how to bunt. He would steal 80 bases, and add 40 points to his batting average. We won't even get into his pitch selection.

    • kerelcooper says:

      You touch on a good point and that's Reyes becoming a smarter hitter at the plate. If he can ever up his IQ at the plate he'd be a much better player. The difference between being a good or great offensive player.

  2. I'm not a Manuel basher but how many times did he bunt with Reyes on 1st last year or as many Mets fans accurately described it "The single most un-agressive play in baseball" Less of that should boost his SB numbers.

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