Q & A: Mets Record That Will Never Be Broken

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I answer the following viewer question:

Antonio – what mets all time record do you think will never be broken?

For more on Anthony Young and this amazing record, check out this blog post over at Amazin Avenue.

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3 Responses to Q & A: Mets Record That Will Never Be Broken

  1. pfh64 says:

    Never so someone with so much stuff, pitch in as much bad luck as he did. Perez had stuff, but he was just a bad pitcher, it was unreal the amount of bloops and bleeders Young got beat by. that stuff happened to John Franco, but he was a guy that pitched to contact and wanted ground balls. Young was a guy with strike out stuff. I remember watching the team celebrate when they finally won him a game, with a two run rally in the bottom of a ninth inning. I am almost 100% positive that he gave up the tying run & go ahead runs in the top of the ninth and then the Mets got him two in the bottom of the ninth to win and break his losing streak.

  2. MattyLoop says:

    Great video, I'm giggling my ass off. Dont know if its from remembering that streak or the sight of your Bears Playoff Beard!

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