David Wright: Leader? Next Team Captain?

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

After reading how David Wright doesn’t believe in predictions, I tweeted the following: Wondering if the #Mets will make David Wright team captain this year…?

I received a number of responses to this tweet (see below the video). In just seven seasons with the Mets, Wright ranks in the top 10 all-time in 10 offensive categories for the Mets. In this video post I elaborate more on David Wright and ask the question: Is Wright a leader? Will he be the next team captain of the New York Mets? What do you think? BTW – for a history of Mets team captains go here and to read what fellow Mets blogger Ceetar has to say on this, go here.

Twitter Comments:

MrMetKevC - you just can’t anoint a leader , Leaders lead by example and others will follow. Either you got it or u don’t

metsfanmurph - I think David Wright has to be the actual leader of the Mets before he is made captain. I don’t want a fugaze captain.

nymets945 - I dont think this year but I def would in future

xDanTanna - probably not this year w/ the C. Once there is more turnover roster wise & Wright signs a new deal. I could maybe see it then

mattclausen - I can see that happen. But I’d like David to start dogging people. I want to see him be the leader

aaguero9 - Not a leader! RT @ontheblack: Why not? RE: Wright RT @PSLToFlushing: @ontheblack I don’t think they’ll ever put a C on him #mets

CharWright5 - ahh, I sit corrected, lol…but honestly, don’t see why they wouldn’t. He leads in most categories & gives advice to rooks

Mediagoon - @Ceetar @ontheblack didn’t @metspolice name himself the captain of the team last year?

ZekeO73 - well, if they don’t, you gotta wonder what’s the point of being the “face” of the #Mets? Is it a “pretty boy” status?

Ceetar - I wondered that last year. It’s beyond time.

FakeMattCerrone - Honestly, dont you wish it could have been titled “Getting to Know Cliff Lee” instead?

SouthernMetsFan -They need to RT @ontheblack Why not? RE: Wright RT @PSLToFlushing: @ontheblack I don’t think they’ll ever put a C on him #mets

PSLToFlushing – I don’t think they’ll ever put a C on him

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6 Responses to David Wright: Leader? Next Team Captain?

  1. Bayonne Mets Fan says:

    No way David Wright will ever lead. You hear that at the beginning of every season and it winds up not happening. I don't think the other guys in the clubhouse listen to him, they may like him but they won't take him serious as a leader. Besides the only way to be a leader is to be one by example. David Wright is the worst clutch hitting star in Mets history and in my opinion is one of the reasons of the chokes jobs in 07 & 08. This guy pisses in his pants in every big situation offensively and defensively. Once in awhile he'll get a big hit vs. the Pirates in a May or June situation but this guy cannot perform under pressure to save his life. His numbers mean nothing when it comes to high pressure situations. He's no leader

    • NYM says:

      Worst clutch hitter ever? Thats a bit extreme. He was pretty bad in the clutch these past 2 seasons no doubt, but prior to that he was good. Besides, he's not even the worst "clutch" hitter on the current team. I love Jose Reyes (and really hope he is resigned ..get on that Sandy), but he's been much less clutch. I've seen your posts before and I know you hate OPS, so I'll use the precious "batting average" as well. Jose's career numbers in close and late situations: .266 BA (.707 OPS), bases loaded: .214 (.694), "high leverage": .257 (.691), and during our two pennant races in 2007 and 2008 he hit .205(.612) and .243 (.615). That is pretty dreadful. Wright on the other hand is .284 (.837) in close and late, .337 (1.019) with the bases loaded, .317 (.916) in high leverage spots, and hit .352 (1.034) and .340 (.993) those two Septs. I know you sometimes try to dismiss stats completely, but that's just silly. Stats don't lie in this case.

      If people really want to continue to dredge the clutch stuff up as they always do, Jose should get some criticism for his performance in those spots as well. I always see Wright and Beltran brought up in the "unclutch" stuff, while Jose gets ignored and instead people waste time blasting him for pointless stuff like whether he does too many handshakes. Wright needs to get back to what he was doing prior to 2009, he had been clutch, just hasn't been so much recently.

      And as for the original post. Captains in baseball are completely unnecessary. This isn't hockey, there is no specific function of a captain…its just more of a PR thing than anything.

    • kerelcooper says:

      What's your definition of clutch?

      Wright's career numbers:
      RISP – 1031 AB | .296 AVG | 78 Doubles | 38 HR | 467 RBI | .492 SLG
      September – 699 AB | .302 AVG | 44 Doubles | 34 HR | 117 RBI | .516 SLG

      The two Septembers the Mets collapes
      2007 – 108 AB | .352 AVG | 9 Doubles | 6 HR | 20 RBI | .602 SLG
      2008 – 97 AB | .340 AVG | 5 Doubles | 6 HR | 21 RBI | .577 SLG

      Wright does not come through in every situation, no player does. But the numbers above are not bad at all. Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/players/7382;_ylt=AqF

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  3. Bayonne Mets Fan says:

    My definition of clutch is a player who can perform his best when the stakes are raised, when the pressure is at it's apex, a player who RISES to the occasion instead of folding in the biggest spots.

    That's David Wright.

    Kerel, with all due respect those are only numbers and in this case they MEAN NOTHING. What do your own eyes tell you? Can you, off the top of your head, rattle off a few of David Wright's biggest Mets moments in his career, besides that big hit off Mariano Rivera – in the middle of the season?

    Tell me about some of Wright's big moments? Ramon Castro, a utility player, has provided more big hits in big spots, relatively speaking, than David Wright has in his ENTIRE Mets career.

    Wright gets a lot of those RISP hits in meaningless games that we wind up losing. The September collapse of 2008 he was a BIG contributor. I remember specifically that despite his high RBI total (120+ or so) going into September of 08 he left a LOT of men on base in key spots during that run. Murphy is still standing on 3B.

    Yes, in a September game he may get 2 or 3 hits, drive in a run or 2..BUT…whenever the game is on the line, no matter what inning – THAT's the time he'll fail to come through. But the boxscore will look good. And I don't want to hear "Well he can't do it all". That's too bad. I don't care HOW MANY hits he gets in a game, his mantra is can't deliver a hit when you need it the most. I KNOW that because that's what I've seen of him over the years.

    So Kerel, shoot of some of Wright's greatest moments for me

    • kerelcooper says:

      A few examples I quickly looked up:
      Some examples:
      In his first ever playoff game in 2006 against the Dodgers, 2-4 3 RBI plus what proved to be the game winning RBI in the 7th inning in a 6-5 win.
      September coming down the stretch when the team is still fighting to make the playoffs. September 23 in Florida. Mets win 7-6. Wright goes 2-5, 1 RBI. That one RBI is the game winning single in the Top of the 11th inning.
      September coming down the stretch when the team is still fighting to make the playoffs. September 10th. Mets beat Washington 13-10. Wright goes 4-4, 3 RBI. Mets put the game out of reach in the bottom of the 8th off Wrights 2 run home run.
      Team was terrible so I don't put much stock into this year but September 12th @Philly. Mets win 10-9. Wright goes 3-5, 6 RBI and has the game winning home run in the top of the 9th.

      Are these not clutch moments?

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