Mets Viewer Comments: Alderson, Pitching & Pelfrey

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video post below I take a look at some of the recent viewer comments regarding Sandy Alderson, Mets pitching and Mike Pelfrey. Just as a reminder, here is where you can find me on TwitterFacebook and iTunes.

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2 Responses to Mets Viewer Comments: Alderson, Pitching & Pelfrey

  1. pfh64 says:

    The Pujols situation is going to be very interesting, both the Yankees & Red Sox have big name and all star first basemen tied up long term. And even if I am mistaken about Gonzalez, the Red Sox did not trade for him to get away, and why pay Pujols what they would have to pay him, when Gonzalez comparatively would be a better bargain. What team would spend what it will take to sign him? Mets could, but why? I know, the ticket sales. Though as you state KC, it's about pitching. Would the Mets, if they do not have in house people be better off signing two pitchers with that same money (including a closer)? The team that the Cardinals would have to watch out for, because of the rivalry is the Cubs. Although the Angels always seem to be a wild card.

    • kerelcooper says:

      You raise a good point. With the Redsox and Yankees not in the market for 1B, it will be interesting to see how that impacts the market for Pujols, if he becomes a free agent.

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