Remember The Great Player, Forget The 2 Years As A Met

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Roberto Alomar is one of the best players to ever play second base. Over a 17-year career Alomar had 2,724 hits, 504 doubles, 10 gold gloves, 4 silver sluggers, apart of 2 world series title teams and a 12 time all-star. As you know, Alomar was recently elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. BUT if you ask a lot of Mets fans about Alomar (including myself), this is not the first thing we think of.

What we think of is the 222 games he played as a Met between the 2002-2003 seasons and those memories are not good ones. In the video below I discuss why I’m going to try to remember Roberto Alomar for the great player that he was and try to forget the 2 years he spent in New York as a Met.

Mets Links From Around The Net:

  • MetsZilla: Talking Chris Capuano with Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel– If healthy I think Capuano has a chance to be really effective for the Mets this year.
  • Chris Carter Signs Minors Deal with the Rays– I’m happy Carter landed on his feet with another organization. He’s a good dude. In case you missed it, check out my interview with Carter back in October 2010.
  • ESPN YouTube Channel: Roberto Alomar Thrilled – He should have gotten in last year. Glad he’s in the Hall of Fame now.
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    2 Responses to Remember The Great Player, Forget The 2 Years As A Met

    1. AC Wayne says:

      I'm intrigued by the Capuano signing…I read the interview with Tom Haudricourt, Cappy was a fan favorite in Milwaukee, the only thing that concerns me is the two Tommy John surgeries which a lot of Mets fans comments were directed towards…wishing Carter good luck, I'll be rooting for him to make the big club in Tampa…as for Alomar, for a 2B'man, very good numbers, as a Met, ugh…still think the Mets need more pitching depth.

      • kerelcooper says:

        Yeah if Cap is healthy I think he will be effective for the Mets. The interesting part (for me anyway) is whether he will be used out of the pen or as a starter I guess that all depends on if they bring in anyone else and how things play our in PSL.

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