Motivation To Buy Mets Tickets

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

To purchase or not to purchase a Mets ticket plan? That is the question. Even though I probably will go to about 8-10 Mets games this year, I don’t plan on committing to a Mets ticket plan. Watch the video below to hear why.

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2 Responses to Motivation To Buy Mets Tickets

  1. Your motivation makes sense. Unfortunately I am one of those people who isn't affected by team performance. I buy tickets to enjoy live major league baseball and like having my regular seats. Granted I buy one of the cheapest packs but I enjoy Mets baseball in any form. I understand why others may stay away but it's just not how I operate.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I still plan on going to Citi Field this summer because I too enjoy the game and I still want to see my team play. Like I said above I'll probably end up going to 8-10 games this summer but due to me being cautiously optimistic about 2011, I can't commit to a ticket plan because I just don't see how this team will be any better than they were in 2010. Too many IF's and that is the them for 2011 as far as I'm concern. IF Beltran is healthy, IF Bay returns to his old form, IF Reyes has a big year, IF Santana comes back healthy and on and on and on…

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