Thoughts On The Mets Being Competitive In 2011

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Will the Mets be competitive in 2011? I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. In the video below I give my thoughts on this but let’s all remember the Mets still have a lot of time before the season starts to make some moves and we haven’t even played one game yet. So my thoughts on this could change by the time the season starts. Also, in the video I said “Seven Train From Shea Blog Talk Radio Show” BUT I meant to say “Seven Train To Shea Blog Talk Radio Show“. My bad I did this video before I had my coffee this morning…

Mets Links From Around The Net:

  • Patrick Flood Blog: 2011 Mets Trade Value: Part One and Part Two – I said in the past that I don’t think any player on this current team is untouchable. The Mets should be open to trading any of these guys.
  • NY Times: Mets’ Rebuilding Could Get Boost if Playoffs Expand – I think expanding the playoffs is a good thing. Not because the Mets may benefit from it but because I think it’s good for baseball over all. It will keep more cities and fans interested for a longer period of time throughout the summer.
  • Mets Report: Brad Emaus – No Moneyball in Flushing? – I still think Daniel Murphy will be at second base on opening day.
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    2 Responses to Thoughts On The Mets Being Competitive In 2011

    1. Metsie says:

      My take on our competitivness is this…
      If we have any shot at the playoffs this year it will be because of the players we already have playing up to capability. The moves we could have made would not have been the reason we got there it would be because guys like Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Bay and Davis hit the way they should! The current base would be deemed to have a future worth investing in!

      And we should have a good indication of that by the trading deadline. If we do then we will be buyers and get to the playoffs in 2 to 3 years.

      If we do not I expect it to take at least 3-4 years because we will trade most of the big chips on the roster we can, Rebuild the farm, clear some Salary, and when that farm is ready to harvest we will go out and buy/trade for the heavy equipment we will need to get that harvest to the playoffs!

      That is the prudent thing to do. We need a base worth investing in. If they are in contention at the deadline then We may decide we already have a decent enough base to go for it now.
      If not we will dump salaries, make trades until we have a base that is worth investing in because they have a future!

      • kerelcooper says:

        Thanks for the comments. You know the other day I was thinking about if we are out if it by the deadline how interesting it will be to see who we will try to trade and what we would get in return. Potentially IF out of it this team could trade Betran, Reyes and K-Rod just to name a few.

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