New York Mets Bad Promo Video

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

By now most of you have probably already seen the video below. My thoughts: not funny nor does it get me excited about the upcoming season. Simply put, it’s a bad video. Do me a favor, please let me know when we sign some real players that are going to help this team win.

Video courtesy of randor2000 YouTube channel.

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8 Responses to New York Mets Bad Promo Video

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  2. Hiver says:

    No way is that a real promo. There are about a million otherways to work this as a "you, met fans, are our key to sucess" kinda promo. They should fire the whole PR dept and hire the dude who does this site. Just horrible. in the middle for free agency? It didnt even say "Mets Fans!" in the Player line!!!! I hope this is fake.

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  4. mark b says:


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  7. BaseballAnalyst says:

    I think this is great! LOL!! This is classic gorilla marketing and I think that it's great that Sandy and Terry don't take themselves too seriously. We don't have to over analyze this. It's just an ad for potential season ticket holders. The perks are gonna seem cheesy to some, but to some other die hards that would pay for seasons regardless, they will probably enjoy taking batting practice on the field or sitting with Sandy to watch a game.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Oh I'd def would love to have one of the perks I just think the video is too long, a bit boring and wrongly plays on the emotion of Mets fans by suggesting we are signing "an impact player".

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