My Irrational Mets Fan Friend

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Upon hearing the official news of the Mets announcing the coaching staff, I had the following text message exchange with a friend of mine who is a Mets fan (disclaimer: I cleaned up the language, left out his name but told him I was going to post this).

Friend: This hitting coach stinks. I trust Mookie at 1b, the rest of these cats stink.
Me: You don’t even know these cats do you? You like Mookie cause he’s from the 1986 team.
Friend: Exactly.

Besides posting this so that everyone can get a chuckle, I just want to say let’s start being reasonable folks. I have no problem critisizing or disagreeing with the Mets or any player on the team but let’s have some justification for doing so or a better argument than “I like him because he was on the 1986 team”.

With that said, please take the poll below and grade the Mets on the new staff that they have assembled – Manager: Terry Collins, Bench Coach: Ken Oberkfell, First Base Coach: Mookie Wilson, Hitting Coach: Dave Hudgens, Bullpen Coach: Jon Debus, Third Base Coach Chip Hale and Pitching Coach: Dan Warthen.

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5 Responses to My Irrational Mets Fan Friend

  1. Paul says:

    I don't really have a strong opinion – as fans, we only notice the coaches when something goes wrong.

    Mookie makes me raise an eyebrow, though. It feels like they wanted to pander to the 86 Met demographic since they never bothered to interview for his position.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I think coaches get too much blame when things go wrong and too much credit when they go right. I listen to Alderson on WFAN today and he said he thought it was important to promote from within. I think that's where the Mookie pick comes into play more than him being an 86 Met.

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