Mets and A’s 1973 World Series Introductions

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Here is some old footage of the Oakland Athletics and New York Mets 1973 World Series game one introductions. The Mets lost this World Series but this old video is still pretty neat.

Video courtesy of ghisalbert12345 YouTube channel.

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8 Responses to Mets and A’s 1973 World Series Introductions

  1. Soboda53 says:

    Wow… I forgot we once had great looking road uniforms. Oh well.

  2. Josh says:

    Very very classy of the Oakland fans to give Willie Mays such an ovation. Wow.

  3. Mike 78 says:

    I miss the A's uniforms like that…hell, I miss the Oakland Coliseum when it looked like that!

  4. Ronsterous says:

    Wow, I was able to guess the starting lineup and only missed Don Haun!

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