Twitter: Mets Fans React To The Terry Collins Hire

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I put together a mixed bag of tweets from Mets fans initial reaction to the Terry Collins hire. Also, check out The Apple for a little comedy reaction by Mets fans.

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7 Responses to Twitter: Mets Fans React To The Terry Collins Hire

  1. Joe Schmoe says:

    I wonder how long it will take for collins to bruise Jose Reyes’s ego. For not running out a popup or flubbing a groundball. I can also see Carlos Beltran having issues with not sliding or breaking up a double play. But who will Carlos sing “Ding dong the Witch is dead with” when collins is fired for losing a 4th team? collins can’t help being the person he is just like Larry Bowa. I wonder how little Alderson will get for a broken Reyes? if anybody will take Beltran when he don’t want to play for collins?

    • M.cohen says:

      Joe your name is perfect…Who you going to replace Jose Reyes with. When healthy and he was for 4 years running, he is the BEST leadoff man in baseball and when he scores, the METS "WIN" 72% of the time. The guy got hurt and it took along time to heal..Imagine how long it would take genius like you to heal compared to the shape he's in..

  2. Bayonne Mets Fan says:

    For not running out a popup or flubbing a groundball? Sounds like David Wright to me. Except for that bad spell in September in 2007 in which I don't know what happened w/Reyes, you never see him not hustle.

  3. Trump says:

    Can't be bothered to watch, there's an ad on this

    You fail, my time is too valuable

  4. Johnny says:

    No time to watch commercial, but time to post a comment…Interesting.

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